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The 12 EDT Lesson Programme Explained
EDT driving lessons explained simply
Simply put EDT driving lessons or Essential driving training is a programme that is designed to
educate drivers in safe and practical way and make you a competent driver for life.  This program will
make sure your driving lessons will cover all the skills you need to safely navigate most situations you
will encounter whilst out motoring.

Who has to take EDT driving tuition?
If you had issued your learners permit on or after the 4th of April 2011 then you must sit the EDT

So what does the EDT programme entail?
The EDT is a course of driving lessons or Modules developed from the learner driver training syllabus or
LDT.  Each module or lesson is designed to address different aspects of basic motoring and driving

So what does each EDT module consist of?

Lesson 1: car controls and safety checks?
Description: the lesson will teach you to carry out basic safety checks on your car, as well how to
check for basic car maintenance such as oil levels, coolant levels and tyre conditions and what you
require to have you driving legally on Irish roads. You should also have basic understanding of your car
primary and secondary controls and know how and when to use them i.e.: changing gears, steering
techniques, hazard warning lights etc.
What’s the point? This lesson will give the student a working knowledge on basic car safety and
maintenance checks and help you get to grips with the car controls.

Lesson 2: Correct Positioning 1
Description:  this lesson covers basic road positioning techniques, which will teach you to navigate
corners and driving on the straight as well as junctions, bends, slip roads and roundabouts to name but a
What’s the point?  Learning to position your car correctly on the road is one of the most vital aspects of
driving safety as well as teaching you to drive in an efficient manner that will allow other road users to
use the road unobstructed, and keeps traffic flowing.

Lesson 3: Changing direction 1
Description:  the aim of this lesson is to teach the student how to carry out key , but basic observational
techniques, when  turning into or out junctions, turning at roundabouts , changing lanes and moving off to
name but a few.
What’s the point?  A good driver is a safe driver and a safe driver is one who observes and takes in any
factors that may have an effect on their driving.  Basic observation skills are vital in identifying and
mitigating any risk in your driving.

Lesson 4: Progression Management
Description:  During this lesson your ADI (approved driving instructor) will monitor and assess your
ability to control speed and obey speed limits in various situations and scenarios and explain to danger of
excessive speed.
What’s the point?  When driving on the road day to day you will encounter many situations that are not
covered by the EDT programme, but this module will allow you to assess road conditions and adjust
your speed and driving accordingly. 

Lesson 5: Correct Positioning 2
Description:  This is similar to the module 2: correct positioning 1, however will you be introduced to
more challenging situations such as driving test manoeuvres, e.g. reversing around a corner,
turning safely in the road as well as parking your car.
What’s the point?  This lesson will teach you have to cope with different traffic levels and conditions
that are a logical progression in safe driving. This lesson also addresses the mandatory manoeuvres
required for your Irish driving test.

Lesson 6: anticipation and reaction
Description:  this lesson will teach the learner driver to read the road well ahead in advance and to act
accordingly to any hazards and take appropriate action. (Hazards are defined as anything that makes a
driver change speed or course.)
What’s the point?  Learning how to read other drivers actions and intent based on things like car
positioning and signals or lack off is a vital part of staying safe on the road, this ideally will teach the
student to drive defensively and confidently in traffic.

Lesson 7: Sharing the Road
Description:  The student should be able to drive with due care and attention for the road and traffic
What’s the point?  We often forget that the road is used more than just motorists; we have pedestrians
and cyclists as well as emergency vehicles and motorist of different kinds, i.e. commercial and
construction vehicles. This lesson aims to teach the student how to navigate and share the road safely
with all of the above.

Lesson 8: driving safely through traffic.
Description:  This lesson aims to encourage defensive driving and understand and asses the risks to
the safety of other and cooperate with other road users.
What’s the point?  This lesson is invaluable experience for a learner driver to gain road experience in
real life scenarios under the tuition of the students driving instructor.

Lesson 9: Changing direction 2
Description:  this lesson will show you what to observe, when negotiating various open and closed
junctions, and will allow the learner driver to make independent decisions and make use of dual
carriageways where available.
What’s the point?  This lesson will further improve on the observation techniques already learned in
previous lessons and will introduce you to busier roads.

Lesson 10: Speed Management
Description:  During this lesson your ADI will assess your ability to regulate your speed over a variety of
more challenging and intense driving situations.
What’s the point?  This lessons encourages you to make your own decisions in relation to control of
speed, as well as keeping up with the flow of traffic and adjusting speed as dictated by road conditions.

Lesson 11: Driving calmly
Description:  For most of this lesson the student should be demonstrating their ability to drive under
their own initiative and ability to assess and adjust their driving as necessary.
What’s the point?  This lesson will demonstrate that the student has progressed from the “nursery”
phase of their driving education. And can completely and confidently without too much intervention from
there instructor navigate the road safely 

Lesson 12: Night Driving
Description:  This module will teach the student to use the proper lighting of their car, and respond
correctly to the lights of other road users as well as drive through traffic conditions in the dark as well
poor lighting conditions.
What’s the point?  Driving in the dark present s its own set of unique challenges to the learner driver,
this lesson will teach you to drive at night safely.

How is my progress on my driving lessons recorded?
Your progress through the EDT Programme is recorded on a logbook that is provided by your driving
instructor, this logbook is updated after each module is completed and uploaded via the RSA ADI portal
on the RSA Website. You must complete your EDT Programme before a driving test date can be
issued. You will also be required to have your learner permit of a period of at least 6 months.

So who can carry out and teach the EDT syllabus?
Only approved driving instructors (ADI) registered with the road safety authority (RSA) can carry
out the EDT course. In other words your driving instructor must be registered with the RSA as an
approved driving instructor; if your driving instructor is not approved by the RSA then he cannot stamp
and upload your EDT logbook, which means you will not be issued with a driving test date from the
RSA. Always make sure that your driving instructor is an approved ADI HERE

What’s a sponsor and why do I need one?
A sponsor is a fully licensed driver that will assist in your EDT Program by accompanying you while
practise in between modules’ sponsor can be a family member or friend or in some cases can be your
driving instructor themselves.

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RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
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RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
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Completed your full course of 12 EDT Driving Lessons? Now What?
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