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Common Myths About The Practical Driving Test  (FAQs About Driving Test)
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
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RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
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Common misconceptions about the practical driving test
Question 1: Does the driving test have a fail or pass quota every day/week/month?
Answer 1: Absolutely not, the fact is if youíre driving is up to the standard required, you will pass your
driving test.

Question 2: A friend of mine never took a lesson or pre-test lesson and still passed first time
Answer 2: This is off course possible, but highly unlikely. What your RSA driving examiner is looking for
is basic specific driving skills. Without professional tuition and guidance this will be extremely difficult to

Question 3: Can I hire a driving school test car from the RSA when I get to the driving test
Answer 3: No, this can be done be through your driving school, learn 2 drive can provide a test car for
your driving test anywhere in north or south Dublin. Terms and conditions will apply.

Question 4: If I think, I have made a mistake during my driving test, should I give up?
Answer 4: Definetly not, it may not be as bad as you think, also donít be looking at the driving tester
marking your driving test score sheet, the driving test examiner would rather you focus on your driving
and keep your eyes on the road and drive your car as if he was not there.

Question 5: Are pre-test driving lessons necessary to pass your practical driving test?
Answer 5: Although pre test lessons are not mandatory they are extremely beneficial to the learner driver,
you will learn and refine correct driving procedure.  Any and all bad driving habits will be assessed and
eliminated. It will also give you an opportunity to rehearse and learn the exact Dublin driving test routes
the RSA examiners will use on your driving test day

Question 6: Can I get the same RSA driving tester twice?
Answer 6: Yes you can, however due to the number of RSA driving testers in each Dublin driving test
centre, this is not common, the driving tester will be impartial regardless of how many times you have
sat the test with him/her.
Booking your RSA Practical Driving Test? Find Out which Dublin driving test centre is for you?
While your Irish practical driving test will have the same critera, no matter what RSA driving test centre you choose in Dublin, not all the test routes are the same and some have some very tricky surprizes in store for learner drivers who are no prepared, learn to drive Dublin have reviewed the Dublin test centre routes to give you a heads up and get the pass on your test first time round....click here for more information.
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