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What To Expect On The Day Of Your Practical Driving Test
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
RSA & ADI Approved Driving Instructors -Driving Schools dublin
ROSPA Standard RSA Approved Driving School
IAM approved instructor Dublin - IAM standard driving lessons dublin
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
Driving Lessons Dublin | Driving School Dublin, Driving Instructor Dublin
Day of the Test
You should be present in the waiting area of the test centre before the appointed time of your test. If you
are late, the test cannot be conducted and the fee will be forfeited. When you arrive at the test centre,
take a seat in the waiting area and you will be called by the Driver Tester.

The driver tester will check your learner permit to establish that it:
Relates to you is current and is valid on the day of the test and for the correct category of vehicle. You
will be asked to read and sign a statement confirming that:  the insurance cover in place is adequate and
your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.

The test
The driving test is straightforward.
For cars, it will last about 40 minutes and will include:
questions on the Rules of the Road (including identifying road signs);
techincal Checks
demonstrating hand signals
reversing around a corner
a turnabout in the road
driving approximately 8 kms under a variety of road and traffic conditions

Remember, if you take and pass the test in a vehicle with an
automatic transmission, your driving licence will only cover
you to drive an automatic vehicle. click here for more information

Your driving will be assessed in the following situations:
moving off
driving in traffic
reversing round a corner
turning about to face in the opposite direction
starting on a hill
road positioning
overtaking and passing
anticipation and observation
use of mirrors and signals
compliance with traffic lights, road signs and markings
use of the vehicle controls (accelerator, clutch, gears,brakes and steering)
use of secondary controls such as wipers, demisters, etc.

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Completed EDt Logbook? now what - Prestest driving lesson
The next step is to start preparing for your RSA Practical driving test with a pre test driving lesson - a pretest driving lesson will prepare you for your test by replicating the test that you will take on the day of your exam, learn to drive will bring you on the exact Dublin driving test routes that are used by the RSA examiners....click here to read more.
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