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How To Deal With Driving Test Nerves (Hints & Tips To Deal With Pretest Nerves)
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RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
Learn to drive and tallaght driving lessons is Road Safety Assocation Approved
RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
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RSA Driving Lessons - EDT Driving Lessons Dublin
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Dealing with Practical Driving Test Nerves
Every learner driver has some degree of nerves on their driving test day, this is perfectly natural, many
students will have concerns as to whether or not they will pass the driving test, feeling anxious and
having butterflies in your stomach is all part and parcel in this process.  Remember the driving tester is
not looking for perfection; they will be looking for a basic level of driver competence and confidence. Most
learner drivers will make mistakes on the test; however how you recover from these mistakes will look
very favourable for you in the testerís eyes.

Get a good nights sleep the night before the test
Have a good breakfast that morning
Arranging a pre-test driving lesson and last minute chat with your instructor will settle any
pre-test nerves
Take a walk to clear your head before you go into the test centre
Breathing exercises can help
Make sure you arrive in the correct test centre with plenty of time to spare.
Drive as though you would normally not to impress the tester.
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